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Boyne School Project


The Boyne School, formerly situated on the PTH 3 east of Carman, was moved to the Dufferin Historical Museum site at 20 Kelly Hand Drive, Carman on March 7, 2013 to be opened as an additional museum building.

The Boyne School was like many other country one-room schoolhouses. It served as a multi-purpose community building: as a schoolhouse, church, polling station, and social centre (information from The History of the R.M. of Dufferin in Manitoba, 1880-1980). In other words, it was the life and heart of its community. Because of this diverse focus, it only made sense that varied subjects were taught; aside from 'the 3 R's' (reading, 'riting, and 'rithmetic), students learned religion through Bible readings and verse memorization, morals in their primers, obedience from their teachers, and cooperation and community from living and working in an environment composed of many age groups and skill levels.

Not all educating was accomplished in the school house. Much was learned through recess, lunch time, and the often long walks to and from school. Fun and games fostered their creativity, but responsibility was a key fruit of their school-time ventures; it was a necessary component in completing all their schoolwork and chores.

The Boyne School display at the museum aims to exhibit the lives of those who were touched by the one-room schoolhouse's influence, offering a glimpse into our district's history.

To accomplish this goal, The Dufferin Historical Museum has been working very hard to prepare the Boyne School for visitors. So far, the work that has been completed is as follows: repairs to the siding, replacement of the basement windows, the addition of a new floor beam, ceiling bracing done in the attic, and work on the chimney wall. Stairs to the crawlspace have been built, new windows were put into the basement post-vandalism, and the exterior painting has been finished. All of this has been accomplished through the help of various grants. Hopes are that The Dufferin Historical Museum will receive more grants to help finish the school.

Funds have also been received for: the replacement of the front and north door, the building of a false chimney, parging on the basement walls, and replacing of wainscoting from the chimney removal when the school was originally moved to the Museum site. Several of the desks found in the barn on the Boyne School site as well as those donated from the Stephenfield School require some repair before they can be put on display in the school.

Several items are still needed in order to make the Boyne School as historically accurate as possible. These include wooden pencil cases, abacus', a pointer stick, soapstone pencils, copybooks, quills, ink wells, blotting paper, slate pencils, slates, chalk, chalk brushes, lunch pails/baskets/boxes, geometry sets, rulers, yard sticks, and children's bonnets. Children's toys that were used at recess are also welcome, such as jacks, yarn balls (used for games), marbles, balls, skipjacks (snow sleds), 'kick-the-can' cans, and beans, buttons, and strings used for games.

The museum has a wide selection of school books, but if you have any particularly rare books or a set of McGuffey's Eclectic Readers (a six volume set that was the most popular reader in the nineteenth century), we would be glad to have them. If you have any of these items or have items not on this list that you wish to donate, please bring them in to the museum or contact Trish Aubin. We would also be interested in any pictures that the community has of students or
events that took place at Boyne School. We'd love to consider incorporating them into the Boyne School exhibit.

Submitted by

Emily Wiebe, Museum Administrator


Boyne School Report 2016

Work continued to be done on the school this year.  The tiles were removed from the ceiling and replaced with drywall.  The  ceiling was painted by Roy Morgan and the remainder of the school was plastered.

The area around the school was landscaped in April and grass planted by Vintage Landscaping.

We did find that a palliated woodpecker has been pecking the corner boards of the school on the north side.  We installed bobble head owls to help deter them.

Window sashes were repaired and installed in the classroom by Frank Smith.

The Royal Bank employees helped with cleaning for a few hours as part of their Community work project program as well as donating $1000 to the project.

The interior of the school was painted in September by volunteers.  It was great to have so many volunteers helping with the project.  

The screw anchors for the ramp have been installed and the ramp will be worked on later in 2016.  We have had electrical service hooked up this fall by Klausen Electric.  We are still unsure whether we will heat the building or not.  

There is going to be a brick sidewalk installed from the museum to the ramp and a front step installed.  

June 24th, 2017 marks the grand opening of the school.  We plan to have speeches, ribbon cutting and tours in the afternoon and a light meal for donors in the evening at the Legion Auxiliary Hall.




Boyne School Update – June 21, 2015

The Boyne School continues to have work completed.

As previously reported,  the school was vandalized on  May Long Weekend in 2014 and a number of windows were  broken.  These windows were repaired and covered with lexan (heavy plexi-glass).

In the summer of 2014, the exterior of the building was painted and the foundation was parged by Roy Morgan.  We have heard many good comments that the parging has  really given the school a completed look.  A new sill was built and a new front door was constructed by Elias Woodwork and installed by Frank Smith.  The door window also has lexan protection.  

In the fall of 2014, work began on the interior of the school.  Frank Smith removed existing panelling and replaced missing chair rails, baseboards and battens.  The wainscotting was restored in the classroom and around the chimney wall.  

The R. M. of Dufferin painted the flag pole from the old school yard and installed in front of school.

In 2015, the north door, also constructed by Elias Woodworking, was replaced.  A partial chimney was constructed using the  bricks from the old chimney and new  eavestroughs have been installed.

Restoration on the outside of the building is now complete.

A matching grant under the Designated Heritage Building Grant Program has been awarded in 2015 and restoration will continue.

The work to be completed in 2015-2017  are repairing lower window sashes  on the south side of school, ceiling  and painting interior.

The completion and opening date of the school is still unknown.  The Dufferin Historical Museum continues to accept donations with regards to the Boyne School Restoration.  If you are interested in making a donation please contact the museum at 745-3597.

Submitted by: Trish Aubin



September 20, 2013: RM Of Dufferin Helps Out Boyne School Restoration Project - Article written by Candace Derksen and posted on Pembina Valley Online

May, 2012 - The Dufferin Historical Museum has been awarded $9500.00 from the Community Places Program to help with the Boyne School move.

boyne school move


breaking ground at the site of the boyne school

Total to date: $$59362.18


The Smith Family
The Kippen Family
Access Credit Union
Shawn & Bonnie McCutcheon & Family
Carman Concrete
The Thompson Family
Fred & Katherine Last
Lee’s Construction
Victor Amison
Gordon & Rose Taylor
Myrtle Pritchard
In Memory of June M. Watson & Robert Watson
Vintage Landscaping
Garth McIntyre
Doug & Ellen McEachern
Jim Stonehouse
Gary McEachern
Dale & Lorna George
Royal Canadian Legion Carman Branch
John & Leona Driedger
Al & Ruby MacKenzie
Kamrok Enterprises Ltd.
Clifford & Helen Preston
Merle Maddison
James D. MacNair
Helen Margaret Murray
R. D. McIntyre
Cameron & Shirley King
Oxbow Inn
Don Jefkins
Dennis Bell
Debbie Nicolajsen & Family
Donna Mae Deans
Carman Co-op
Alice McEachern
In Memory of Lyle & Ellen North McCullough
In Memory of James Wilfred Laycock
Jim and Linda Wilkie
The Peasgood Family
Fred and Celia Dewitt
Town of Carman
Carman Golf Course
Floyd Last
William Pollock
Robert McGregor
Linda and Neil MacNair
In Memory of Alice Russell
Frank & Christa Smith


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Thank you to the following
Boyne School Supporters

Jim and Linda Wilkie

Jim and Linda Wilkie present Trish Aubin with a donation of $2000.00 towards the Boyne School Relocation Project.

carman concrete

Ernie & Mary Doell, Carman Concrete

carman coop

Dave Ruf, General Mgr Carman Co-op

Tim Doerksen, Access Credit Union

Shawn McCutcheon family donation

Nola Sylvester, Kelvin, Gary & Dwight Smith

Kathleen Findlay and Janet Thompson

Robert McGregor

Robert McGregor