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Carman Manitoba Canada





















































1902 Fire Cart

Fire Cart - The fire cart is one of our newest additions to the museum in 2008.  Mr. Tom Wood of Elm Creek donated it and it was restored by Jake Martens of Elm Creek and Murray Cutting of Carman.

Graysville Post Office

Graysville Post Office.


A typical kitchen.


This impressive piece of handicraft was made by a handi-capped youth G. M. Strachan, who lived at Pope, Manitoba.  There are 4,514 separate pieces of Balsa wood in the building and it stands eight feet high.  It is entirely hand carved, and the tools used by Mr. Strachan were a fret-saw, penknife, and a chisel.  Started in November 1906 it took him until May 1918 to complete its construction, a total of 11 ½ years.  Designed with many European cathedrals in mind, the building appears to be a composite formed in Mr. Strachan’s imagination, and incorporating features of each, along with a Canadian beaver and moose heads. 


Musical Instruments in the Museum
Along with the many instruments that were played in the Carman Band the museum is home to several unique instruments, such as the dulcimer (a fretted string instrument that has four strings), a guitar-zither (a musical instrument that consists of a soundbox with two sets of unstopped strings), and a Pianola (a self-playing piano).  Also displayed in the museum is a violin from England and a flute that is over 100 years old.  As you tour throughout the museum, you will discover several organs and pianos,  which would have been played by the pioneers.